Understanding the growing menace and the steps involved in protecting yourself

The threat of cyberstalking

Stalking is by definition unwanted attention that is obsessive and repetitive. It is mentally and emotionally draining for the victim, which is one of the effects a perpetrator hopes to achieve.

Statistics show that 54% of individuals have experienced stalking by the time they reach 25 years. One in every 6 women and one in every 17 men are stalked.

Online stalkers seek especially the naive or uninformed — members of the public who are not internet savvy. …

How to keep your data secure from today’s increasing phishing attempts

Phishers are cybercriminals who use online tactics and methods such as brand hijacking and email correspondence with manipulation or intimidation to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The goal is to steal private information and use this as a means of obtaining whatever they want.

They typically begin by compiling a long list of recipients before dispatching spam emails. Each message they send is designed to appear as though originating from a reputable company or organization such as an online retail company or a financial institution.

They try to gain your confidence so that you take immediate action on whatever instructions…

Unearthing techniques that pet scammers use, what to watch out for, and how to protect yourself

The isolation brought on by the pandemic has resulted in a rise in demand for pets. Scammers have taken advantage of the situation and are profiting from it through illegal schemes designed to trap the unwary. Such breeders or dealers will sell creatures that are stolen, ill or fictitious to the unsuspecting public.

Due to the fact that online pet sales are unregulated, the majority of these scams take place via the internet. Some bodies like the US Department of Agriculture are working toward change through such regulations as the Retail Pet Store Rule, but this is not official yet…

A resourceful compilation of indicators and solutions

12 signs that your phone may be hacked

Here is a list of indicators that a third party could be manipulating your phone.

1 | Unauthorised activity

Does your phone switch itself off, open new apps inadvertently, access sites, or execute other activities without your intervention? If it does not readily respond to the commands you give — like failing to turn off when you deactivate or running other tasks — third parties may be in control.

Aside from seeming to have developed a life of its own, you may find changes in your phone settings that you did not make. It may also be that you are no longer receiving calls…

The growing need to develop a filter for current affairs

There has been a widespread rise in information consumption, especially after the onset of the pandemic. In their Total Audience Report study, Nielsen found out that the amount of time spent by people on streaming videos increased by almost 75% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

The consumption of news has also increased. In the UK, TV is the leading source of news at 75%, followed by the internet at 69%, according to Ofcom’s News Consumption Survey.

Understandably, it is necessary to stay updated concerning events that have been taking place, especially in recent times.

However, exposure to so…

Here’s how to counter the risk to your privacy and security

Recycling of phone numbers is a modern-day reality. In the US alone, approximately 100,000 mobile phone numbers are reassigned each day according to a report by the Federal Communications Commission.

A new study has been released by researchers from the Department of Computer Science and Center for Information Policy at Princeton University. They took a sample of 259 phone numbers assigned to new subscribers by two leading service providers.

They discovered that 171 of these numbers were still connected to accounts belonging to the previous owners. …

And what you can do about it

Market cannibalization can radically change business expectations. Opening a new franchise or launching a new product in the market does not necessarily equate a boost in overall profitability. The effect may be quite the opposite.

Whenever they innovate, expand or diversify, the goal that businesses have is to create a complementary effect. Each new change is supposed to contribute to the efforts and progress the business is making in other areas.

The aim of a new launch is to support revenue generation and growth in the other marketing operations the business is engaged in. …

The pandemic has led to an increase in rental and other property-related scams. Here’s how to avoid becoming a victim.

A study conducted by Apartment List revealed an estimated 5.2 million renters lost money to rental fraud in the US. Due to the pandemic, a number of authorities are reporting a surge of these scams.

In Australia, there has been a 76% increase in accommodation scams according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). This has led to a 66% increase in financial losses.

Rental and other property scams are on the rise. They are not just about posting fake listings and fictitious advertisements. …

Maintaining security in uncertain times

They say a man’s home is his castle. Lately, home has become the main base of operations for most people.

The invasion of that base is a major concern.

SafeWise experts recently conducted a State of Safety survey which revealed burglary to be the most dreaded of all property crimes.

According to an FBI report, there is approximately one burglary taking place every 30 seconds. In the US alone, this resulted in a 2019 collective property loss of $3.0 billion.

What most people are concerned about are nighttime break-ins. Yet most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. …

Exploring one of the most intriguing mysteries of the universe

The stability of a star is dependent upon the balance between the gravitational pull and the combustive pressure exerted by the fusion of its gases. When these forces no longer match, the result is destabilization and loss of equilibrium.

When fuel resources run out, some stars start consuming hydrogen from other stars around them to maintain their own stability. This enables them to survive longer than they otherwise would.

When a star approaches the end of its lifespan, there is a loss of mass that is as singularly bizarre as it is dramatic.

First, the amount of dust released is…

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