Invaluable tips on how to break a bothersome habit and encourage positive behavior

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Barking can be quite annoying. It wreaks auditory havoc on everyone, especially those who’ve returned home after a tough working day and are settling in for some peace and rest before starting over again the next morning.

It leads to rifts and tensions in neighborhoods since pet owners are seen as responsible for their pet’s actions. Owners are also held responsible for the consequences visited upon outsiders by their pets’ actions. It has led to lawsuits, evictions, and breakups in community relationships.

Yet there are times when barking is not only necessary but life-saving, for example, if an intruder gains…

Animal training | Pet ownership

Simple steps you can take to foster the learning process

Acquiring a puppy is a commitment with long-term consequences which need to be considered beforehand. | Photo by on

This article covers seven essentials to consider when adopting and training a puppy. They are key principles every dog owner needs to be aware of when seeking to derive optimal benefits from the pet training process.

1 | Taking responsibility

One puppy owner wrote asking for help. She had a dog that was intelligent, well-behaved and obedient. …

How to keep your data secure from today’s increasing phishing attempts

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Phishers are cybercriminals who use online tactics and methods such as brand hijacking and email correspondence with manipulation or intimidation to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The goal is to steal private information and use this as a means of obtaining whatever they want.

They typically begin by compiling a long list of recipients before dispatching spam emails. Each message they send is designed to appear as though originating from a reputable company or organization such as an online retail company or a financial institution.

They try to gain your confidence so that you take immediate action on whatever instructions…

Unearthing techniques that pet scammers use, what to watch out for, and how to protect yourself

The isolation brought on by the pandemic has resulted in a rise in demand for pets. Scammers have taken advantage of the situation and are profiting from it through illegal schemes designed to trap the unwary. Such breeders or dealers will sell creatures that are stolen, ill or fictitious to the unsuspecting public.

Due to the fact that online pet sales are unregulated, the majority of these scams take place via the internet. Some bodies like the US Department of Agriculture are working toward change through such regulations as the Retail Pet Store Rule, but this is not official yet…

A resourceful compilation of indicators and solutions

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12 signs that your phone may be hacked

Here is a list of indicators that a third party could be manipulating your phone.

1 | Unauthorised activity

Does your phone switch itself off, open new apps inadvertently, access sites, or execute other activities without your intervention? If it does not readily respond to the commands you give — like failing to turn off when you deactivate it or keeps running other tasks — third parties may be in control.

Aside from seeming to have developed a life of its own, you may find changes in your phone settings that you did not make. It may also be that you are suddenly no…

How going plastic is permanently affecting lives

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According to the recently released by the Center for Microeconomic Data, the total household debt in the US reached $14.64 trillion in the first quarter of 2021.

The report shows that there are over 500 million credit card accounts, and the current credit card balance stands at $770 billion.

Were you to arrange this amount as one-dollar bills placed side by side, the notes would go round the earth twice.

Credit cards have been around for a long time. The reality is that the companies behind them are pouring massive resources into promoting the plastic…

And how can the situation be alleviated?

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Growling has been reported as one of the most misunderstood behaviors that canines have. Despite how things may appear, growling is not necessarily an indication of aggression.

The companionship of a growling dog may not be pleasant or enjoyable. However, the solution is not to focus on confronting growling per se, but to identify and remove the cause so that our furry friend never feels the need to growl again.

Why canines growl

A dog may growl due to physical discomfort. If it does so when it is picked up, this may be that it is experiencing pain. …

Effective tips and tools on how to build your career in writing

You do not have to be an expert to earn recurring income from blogging. What is required is a shift from treating it as a hobby to engaging in it as a real business. This guide shows you how.

1 | Focus on your gift

What exactly should you write about? Essentially, the subject matter should be centered on what you enjoy and are passionate about. It takes time to build this into a lucrative business, so developing the blog and adding fresh content will prove difficult if the theme is not something you are closely related to and genuinely interested in.

Begin by asking yourself…

Key points to bear in mind before handing over responsibility

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For most people, leaving a pet in the care of another person can be a challenge, especially if the individual is someone they do not fully know. The pet may have similar reservations.

Still, there are some measures you can take to ensure the experience goes as pleasantly as possible. Below are the factors to consider before handing over responsibility to a pet sitter.

1 | Routine

The pet sitter should know your everyday home routine so they can emulate it as much as possible. Since the pet is already used to your schedule and way of doing things, it will be all…

How to counter online piracy and protect your original work

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Reports indicate that online piracy has been skyrocketing during the pandemic. As a content creator, you may have discovered that your hard work has been copied and someone else is now using it to generate income for themselves. What to do? Below are steps you can take to remedy the situation.

1 | The site owner

Since many owners of blogs and other websites display their contact details, you can begin the process by reaching out to them directly and presenting your case. Make it clear that the material they’ve laid claim to originated from you.

Include a link to the webpage where you first…

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