Understanding the growing menace and the steps involved in protecting yourself

54% of individuals have experienced stalking by the time they reach 25 years. | Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

The threat of cyberstalking

Stalking is by definition unwanted attention that is obsessive and repetitive. It is mentally and emotionally draining for the victim, which is one of the effects a perpetrator hopes to achieve.

Statistics show that 54% of individuals have experienced stalking by the time they reach 25 years. …

How to keep your data secure from today’s increasing phishing attempts

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Phishers are cybercriminals who use online tactics and methods such as brand hijacking and email correspondence with manipulation or intimidation to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The goal is to steal private information and use this as a means of obtaining whatever they want.

They typically begin by compiling a…

How to respond when the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for us?”

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

Posing the right questions

There are two angles involved in a job interview. A candidate needs to be equipped with the right answers and they also need to be armed with the right questions.

A job interview is a two-way process. The employer wants to find out how competent you are as a candidate…

How the new culture of indulgence is changing the quality of human-pet relationships

Image by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Today, the phrase spoil your dog has become synonymous with proving how much your pet means to you.

Spoiling has come to be seen as something virtuous, even noble and expected.

National Spoil Your Dog Day is around the corner and there is a heap of information on ways you…

Protecting yourself against phone spam and all unsolicited calls

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

Rapid technological advancement has made it possible for millions of robocalls to be transmitted in a single day. Automated dialing and other marketing technologies have increasingly become cheaper and easier to use. This is what has led to their adoption and widespread application.

It is still illegal to make unsolicited…

The present reality, the risks involved and how to protect yourself

Image by Macrovector on Freepik

Unlike how things were some years back, authorities today recognize online crowdfunding platforms as legal means of obtaining investor capital for businesses and project donations for non-profits.

The ease and convenience of using these platforms have made them popular for individuals and organizations alike.

Unfortunately, this has also created an…

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