Understanding the growing menace and the steps involved in protecting yourself

54% of individuals have experienced stalking by the time they reach 25 years. | Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

The threat of cyberstalking

Stalking is by definition unwanted attention that is obsessive and repetitive. It is mentally and emotionally draining for the victim, which is one of the effects a perpetrator hopes to achieve.

Statistics show that 54% of individuals have experienced stalking by the time they reach 25 years. One in every 6 women and one in every 17 men are stalked.

Online stalkers seek especially the naive or uninformed — members of the public who are not internet savvy. …

How to keep your data secure from today’s increasing phishing attempts

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Phishers are cybercriminals who use online tactics and methods such as brand hijacking and email correspondence with manipulation or intimidation to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The goal is to steal private information and use this as a means of obtaining whatever they want.

They typically begin by compiling a long list of recipients before dispatching spam emails. Each message they send is designed to appear as though originating from a reputable company or organization such as an online retail company or a financial institution.

They try to gain your confidence so that you take immediate action on whatever instructions…

Unearthing techniques that pet scammers use, what to watch out for, and how to protect yourself

The isolation brought on by the pandemic has resulted in a rise in demand for pets. Scammers have taken advantage of the situation and are profiting from it through illegal schemes designed to trap the unwary. Such breeders or dealers will sell creatures that are stolen, ill or fictitious to the unsuspecting public.

Due to the fact that online pet sales are unregulated, the majority of these scams take place via the internet. Some bodies like the US Department of Agriculture are working toward change through such regulations as the Retail Pet Store Rule, but this is not official yet…

A resourceful compilation of indicators and solutions

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12 signs that your phone may be hacked

Here is a list of indicators that a third party could be manipulating your phone.

1 | Unauthorised activity

Does your phone switch itself off, open new apps inadvertently, access sites, or execute other activities without your intervention? If it does not readily respond to the commands you give — like failing to turn off when you deactivate or running other tasks — third parties may be in control.

Aside from seeming to have developed a life of its own, you may find changes in your phone settings that you did not make. It may also be that you are no longer receiving calls…

How to respond when the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for us?”

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Posing the right questions

There are two angles involved in a job interview. A candidate needs to be equipped with the right answers and they also need to be armed with the right questions.

A job interview is a two-way process. The employer wants to find out how competent you are as a candidate based on the responses you provide and the kind of questions you ask. It is all part of the evaluation game.

At the same time, asking the right questions will enable you to conclusively determine whether the job you have applied for is a proper match for you, one that…

How the new culture of indulgence is changing the quality of human-pet relationships

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Today, the phrase spoil your dog has become synonymous with proving how much your pet means to you.

Spoiling has come to be seen as something virtuous, even noble and expected.

National Spoil Your Dog Day is around the corner and there is a heap of information on ways you can celebrate it with overindulgence. So it comes as no surprise that the total spent last year on pets in the US amounted to $103.6 billion.

While digesting such information, one may ask how it all would have sounded to those who lived generations before us.

But then here we…

Points to consider and how to keep yourself safe

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Ridesharing has evolved. Within a few years, it has taken over a significant portion of the modern transport industry.

The leading and most well-known of these companies are of course Uber and Lyft, although the space has other contenders as well — like Curb, Gett and Wingz.

Though a staggering number of businesses suffered meltdowns due to the pandemic, ridesharing has managed to pull through.

It is poised to reach even greater heights. According to the Global Ride Sharing Market Report, the market is expected to grow to over 185 billion by 2026.

The pros

The convenience of ordering a ride directly…

Protecting yourself against phone spam and all unsolicited calls

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Rapid technological advancement has made it possible for millions of robocalls to be transmitted in a single day. Automated dialing and other marketing technologies have increasingly become cheaper and easier to use. This is what has led to their adoption and widespread application.

It is still illegal to make unsolicited or unwanted robocalls to mobile phones unless there is an emergency. In 2019, every attorney general in the US was involved in the creation of the new national Robocall Principles. Phone service providers have been collaborating with law enforcement to uphold them.

Robocalls make use of computerized communication, so the…

Tips and insights on improving your trip together

Image by Jon Lever on Unsplash

Traveling with your pet can be a fun experience. It increases your canine’s level of exposure, provides new healthy opportunities and strengthens the bond it shares with its owner.

If your dog is not yet used to traveling in vehicles, this can be fixed by a bit of preparation. Set aside some free time and unlock your car. Allow your pet to explore the interior when the vehicle is in a parked position with the engine turned off.

Let the canine use its senses to familiarize itself with the upholstery, carpeting other features of the vehicle. …

The present reality, the risks involved and how to protect yourself

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Unlike how things were some years back, authorities today recognize online crowdfunding platforms as legal means of obtaining investor capital for businesses and project donations for non-profits.

The ease and convenience of using these platforms have made them popular for individuals and organizations alike.

Unfortunately, this has also created an opportunity for scammers, fraudsters and other unscrupulous persons bent on exploiting the generosity and benevolence of the public. They create fake campaigns with misinformation, portraying themselves as genuine and trustworthy.

There will be 12,063,870 crowdfunding campaigns by 2023, according to Statista.

Recent cases

As the pandemic opened up a plethora of desperate…

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